Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 20th - 21st 2024

Third time lucky

We haven't had much luck with KapCon over the past few years, with Covid forcing cancellations in both 2022 and 2023. But we're trying again. KapCon 2024 is currently scheduled for Wellington Anniversary (January 20 and 21) weekend 2024. As before, we will cancel if it seems unsafe, but at present it looks like Covid numbers will be low enough for the con to proceed.

Currently we're contacting GMs and grovelling for games to build our initial timetable. If you'd like to help with this, please log in and fill out the run a game form. Once we have enough games for the first two rounds, we will open registrations. On our usual schedule, this happens in early November.

We know you've missed us. We've missed you too. Hopefully this year we'll finally get to play some games.

KapCon 31

KapCon 31 in 2024 is on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st of January. Monday 22nd is a statutory holiday for Wellington workers and can be used for recovery.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, things are uncertain. We will only run if it is safe to do so, and will cancel if it looks unsafe (for example, if case numbers rise significantly another major strain arrives in New Zealand in the leadup to the con). If we have to cancel, all participants will receive a full refund.

What is KapCon?

KapCon is a not-for-profit role-playing game convention run annually in Wellington, New Zealand, every January. Over a hundred people get together for a weekend of role-playing, in a diverse range of styles and systems. Over the weekend, more than 30 individual games are run, with volunteer GMs (or storytellers, narrators or facilitators) running games between one and six times over the course of the convention.

CATaclysm: The Crown of Clawford

Amanda Moffatt

The Setting:
The time of hoomans is long gone, leaving behind evolved cats that live in cities of their own making as the alpha species. Mommy Nurtur has bestowed upon the cats the ability to wield Meowgic as well as mundane weapons, stand upright on their hind legs, and wear the latest fashions. The world's cities are now comfortable and full of catnip, although there is still plenty of adventure to find in the great outdoors - especially around the ancient ruins full of dangerous Miasma that feed the vile rats, toads, snakes, and other villains.

The Game:
Players will each be playing a pre-made character that is part of the inner circle of King Clawdius IV in the great city of Clawford; sent on a mission into the wilds to retrieve something very precious to him that has been stolen. It is not a task he feels he can entrust to anyone else.

The System:
CATaclysm is an RPG that utilises a single d10 for any action that has a chance of failure. Health is tracked by a colour coded dial with four phases - Healthy, Stressed, Injured, and Dead. As the characters will be cats, Death is only temporary... until you've used up your ninth life! Puns will be encouraged and welcomed.

CATaclysm RPG

Arcane Crimes Division: Polarity Pandemonium


Arcane Crimes Division brings light-hearted buddy-cop style action to a fantasy city bursting with magic and thick with scheming villains and ruthless scoundrels. The focus of the game is the relationship between detectives, as they crack cases, engage in thrilling chases, and confront criminal masterminds.

During each shift, teams of detectives battle the clock, pursuing leads across the city to unravel crimes, and bring the guilty to justice, before it’s too late. While the detectives always crack the case eventually, should time run out, the villains receive an advantage in the final confrontation. At every juncture, detectives must decide whether to trigger their special abilities to boost their success, potentially risk causing collateral damage, that could see them both consigned to paperwork hell.

Play as a Siege Automaton, powered by magic and steam; a Spell-Runner, skilled at navigating deadly dungeons, a Crimson Court Vampire, ageless and unnaturally attractive; a Blade, acrobatic and fearless and many more. This game works best when detectives riff off their partners, so be prepared to collaborate and lean-into the genre.

Polarity Pandemonium

The dead are restless and threatening to leave the Necropolis, a rogue swordsman is slashing the careful topiary of the Garden District and a toxic spill has disrupted traffic in Three Points. The Arcane Crimes Division is mobilised to get the situation under control, before things get out of hand.

Arcane Crimes Division

Alien: Trespass

Michael Sands

Your team of Colonial Marshals are going to arrest a cult leader on a backwoods colony world and bring him to justice. Obviously these fanatics are dangerous, so you'll need to play it nice and diplomatic to pull this off without... difficulties.

Sure hope nothing unexpected goes wrong on the way!

Alien RPG


Michael Sands

"Glorious" is my in-development game of Napoleonic naval adventure. If you want to jump into the boots of Aubrey, Maturin, Hornblower, or Bolitho I have you covered.

You'll be on a mission to stop a French ship causing havoc amongst British shipping—a vessel that's rather more powerful than your own. Only by exceeding expectations will your heroes be able to stop these republicans and preserve the kingdom. And maybe earn a pile of glory for yourselves in the process!

This is a playtest, so there will be some rough edges in the rules. Some of you may have encountered the system before under the previous working title "Devil & the Deep".


Lurkers Below

Michael Sands

When yet another water pipe explodes under the streets of Wellington, your crew of misfits can't help but investigate. Very much a "Wellington Paranormal" style adventure.

Monster of the Week



Greetings troubleshooters. Welcome! You slimy, newly synthesized clones, to Alpha Complex!

Your best friend and benefactor is the omnipotent, omniscient omnivore AI - Friend Computer. As a hyperintelligent AI, naturally he has better things to do than to solve the issues plaguing you troublesome remnants of humanity, so...

That’s where you come in, troubleshooter! You have been stuck with the important job of bringing a Hallowed Programmer to fix an issue with Friend Computer’s master terminal. Where is this located? Well that’s classified, above your clearance level. And what are you so interested for? Next you’ll want to know how to get there, and who you’ll be going with. Why do you want to know so much information? Sounds like something a communist spy would do! Know your clearance. Anything above your clearance is none of your concern. Anything below? Well that’s up to you to decide.

Paranoia is a classic RPG from 1984. A relic from a world still recovering from the red scare and the cold war. Filthy traitorous communists are your enemy. Treachery is all around. It’s as much a game of you versus the environment as you versus the other players. After all, how would it look to Friend Computer if you let them steal all the glory?

No prior game knowledge is required, but useful (And also illegal, how did you get a copy of that knowledge? That’s beyond your clearance!) Prior roleplaying experience preferred, though a willingness to betray each other and argue profusely will do. Not to be taken seriously!

Paranoia 2E


Michael Foster

When the Dark One threatened the existence of all life itself, the five greatest heroes from across the Empire banded together to vanquish him once and for all. Escorted by a unit of the Emperor's finest soldiers, they traveled to the Gates of Despair, beyond which lay the heart of the Dark One's realm. Leaving the soldiers to hold the Gates as best they could, the five heroes fought their way onward to the Tower of Damnation, there to make their final stand.
A mighty battle was fought, but the heroes triumphed, successfully conducting the ritual to banish the Dark One from the world. Unfortunately, in the process all of the heroes were slain. Knowing this was a possibility and sensing it would be bad for the morale of the citizens were they to learn of the deaths of the heroes, the Emperor and his advisors came up with a cunning plan. Lookalikes were hired to appear in a triumphant parade to reassure everyone that all was well. That's where you come in. After performing your part, you were given a truly staggering amount of money and told to disappear, never to speak of your role in the deception, under pain of death.
That was ten years ago, and there's a knock at the door...


Outcast Silver Raiders: Slaves of Ulmaator

Andy Millar

You were born a slave, one of hundreds owned by the Warlock Ulmaator. You were raised in the child-pens by ghost-eyed caretakers, and when you were strong enough to move stones, you were set to work.

The years passed. You watched men and women hauled off as sacrifices to the Warlock’s whims. You waited. You found others, like-minded, unwilling to accept a life of bondage. One night a group of you escaped. You stole a small boat and struck out across the seas.

But Ulmaator summoned something, and it pursued you. A dæmon. It is implacable. Stones bounce from its hide. The foamy saliva that drips from the holes in its tongue melts skin, leather, iron. Its teeth can shear through solid steel. Its rolling eyes are lambent. It feeds on human flesh. It pursued you, caught you, and its strange limbs destroyed your boat.

You washed up here on the shore of this strange land, but you can feel, and you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt: it is coming.

Old Garathol died beneath the waves, but on the journey, they had told you of a ritual to Banish Demons. You must discover that ritual, or be devoured.

Outcast Silver Raiders is a blood-drenched occult medieval roleplaying game in the OSR tradition. It is what the televangelists, the hack investigative journalists, and the grasping Hollywood producers imagined when they caused a satanic panic around RPGs in the eighties. Daemons. Darkness. Sacrifice. Blood spilling over cracked altars in desecrated chapels. Players portray brutal warriors, clever rogues, and conniving sorcerers who reject the barbaric theocracy of medieval society to seek fortune and glory as outcasts beyond the reach of lords or God.

Outcast Silver Raiders
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