Wellington Anniversary Weekend January 21st - 22nd 2023

Dungeon World: A Litany of Scratches


The High Uttvelt is a natural labyrinth of impossibly high cliff walls, cut with deep gullies. Long ago, a thriving monastery stood on its edge, guarding a sacred healing spring and sending groups of monks west to pay for fine goods with silver. But decades ago the monks stopped coming, and the area was overrun with Drakes. But maybe some of their silver is still there...

This is a Dungeon World starter, based on on one of the adventure starters in the Trilemma Adventures book.

Dungeon World

Numenera Demo: The Kingdom Chalice


This is a demo, so we’re going to move quickly through the first act of the adventure. Like any RPG, we’d normally play through a lot of this stuff, giving the players a chance to take action, explore, ask questions, and discover much of this information through play instead of exposition. But today we’re going to zip through it to get to the heart of the adventure.

You live in the Ninth World. Legend has it that there have been eight previous worlds, each of which built great civilizations that flourished for millennia, spoke to the stars, reengineered the earth, creatures, and themselves, and mastered form and essence. Some people call that magic, but the wise know that these were technologies of the ancients.

The Ninth World struggles through a dark age, even as you are surrounded by the ruined splendor of the prior worlds. These remains often contain wondrous discoveries for those brave enough to face their many dangers. The purposes of the ancients’ leftovers are inscrutable and their effects often downright weird, but they can be a boon to people and societies toiling through this age of ignorance.

You and your friends learned of an ancient treasure called the Kingdom Chalice, rumored to cure the ill, grant knowledge and wisdom, and bestow heroic powers on its holder. Perhaps you seek it to bring enlightenment to your home cities, to pursue greater knowledge, or to access the riches or power such an item would surely bring. The Kingdom Chalice rests in an ancient city reached via a landmark called the Mouth of the Sky. But in days of searching you found no mouth, no city, and no chalice.

You stopped in an isolated village to rest and resupply. While supping with the village elders, an aging farmer appeared with a message of despair. “The earth bleeds,” she explained. “Where this dark blood seeps from the ground, my crops wilt and my animals lie ill.”

You followed as the elders investigated, and after some hours of tramping the partially wooded landscape, discovered that this dark fluid isn’t seeping from the earth—it’s raining, in a rarefied mist, from the area of a strange portal. There, a literal hole appears in the air, about 40 feet or so up, with several strange objects hovering below it. Through the hole, looking in from below, the sky seems different, and vague structures loom overhead!


Cypher System Demo: Predation


This is a demo, so we’re going to move quickly through the first act of the adventure. Like any RPG, we’d normally play through a lot of early stuff, giving the players a chance to take action, explore, ask questions, and discover much of this information through play instead of exposition. But today we’re going to zip through it to get to the heart of the adventure.

We’re basing this demo in part on our Predation campaign setting. We publish several settings for the Cypher System, but you can also use it to run almost any campaign you can imagine, from gothic horror to superheroes to sci-fi to conventional fantasy.

In Predation, you live in the late Cretaceous period. For decades, an organization called SATI sent “commuters” from the future back to the Creatceous for purposes of research and exploration. The commuters built labs, research centers, and even small towns, and travelled back and forth between their time and this time. But then, for unknown reasons, the time travel suddenly stopped working.

That was decades ago—before you were born. Grevakc—a world of technology and dinosaurs — is the only world you’ve known. There are tens of thousands of people living in the Cretaceous, but it’s mostly a dangerous wilderness.

You and your friends were hired to help a river merchant who runs between isolated jungle settlements. Deep into uncharted territory, you picked up a weak radio signal and recognized it as the beacon for a SATI time drop.

Have the SATI labs in the future somehow “fixed” time travel? Or has this drop been lost in the jungle for decades? Either way, it’s almost certainly a fortune in valuables, so you’ve disembarked and set out to discover it!

Cypher System

Monster of the week - aro valley mysteries.


Some thing stirs deep in Aro Valley, Down one of those streets you walked past a hundred times.
People have started going missing and it is up to you to find out what is happening.

You always thought that guy at the video place looked a little too pale, That old lady with too many dogs, the guy who owns a fancy car but lives in that dilapidated house on the corner or was it the guys at the brewery looking for a special ingredient.

This is a Monster Hunting game set just a stones throw away and right around now.

Are you brave enough to see what lurks in the shadows of the darkest parts of the valley?

Monster of the week

Return of the league of extraordinary gentle gamers


**spooky narrator voice **
It is Thursday night in Hollywood. In the hills above L.A. a cabal of Hollywood greats come together every other Tuesday (scheduling permitted) to play the devil's game.

After many weeks of downtime it is time for them to face the greatest evil that the league have faced, Splitting up the treasure horde of the Evil red dragon king".

Unfortunately the players have become a little.... dysfunctional.

Will they be able to split the gold fairly or will agents get involved?
Will they try and usurp the game from the GM?
or Will they simply have a fun nights gaming and go home to their lives?

** end Narration **

a meta game for 4-6 players you are famous Hollywood actors playing an ongoing campaign and as such love/hate each other with all your heart.
a light hearted look into roleplaying and just how silly it is to roll dice and make up stories.


13th Age: Maker of Many

Tim Oliver

Where did owlbears come from? A wizard did it, obviously.

Still does it too, she's got you stuck in a vat right now, and it's time to do something about it before you end up as the newest and hottest hybrid critter around.

13th Age is a D&D variant with more of the good stuff and less of the bad stuff.

13th Age

Troika: Egg of Time

Tim Oliver

Some fellow-travellers among the hump-backed sky might learn the secrets of the multiverse and indeed improve it somewhat. Or they might just pass their time conversing with tigers.

Play a mathmologist, a monkeymonger, a monarch (downsized), or a member of Miss Kinsey's dining club. Troika is a light science-fantasy game with a lot of Wolfe and Moorcock influence.


The Spittleford Women’s Franchise League

Karen Wilson

Mrs Eliza Creswick and the ladies of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union invite all parties interested in the extension of electoral privileges to women to a public meeting on Saturday 27th May 1892 at St Anne’s church hall. Mrs Creswick proposes that Spittleford should follow the example of our fellows in Wanganui and Dunedin and form a Women’s Franchise League to promote the newest petition requesting the franchise. The Honourable Thaddeus Butler, Member of Parliament for Spittleborough has been invited to attend. Refreshments will be served.

This game will be a series of vignettes set in a fictional New Zealand community in mid-1892, during the period before the passing of the Electoral Act 1893, as people on both sides of the issue organise and attempt to influence the local MP.


Murder in Moradin Street

Nicoletta De Maio

Murder most foul! Branir Nathander, of respectable and successful trading house Nathander & Buckman, has been found dead. Shot by his own crossbow, in the study of his own house at midnight. Well, you think it was at midnight. No, you don't know for certain but it has a nice ring to it. It was at night in any case. Between his leaving the dining table in the evening and the butler finding the body the next morning.

No, that's not very precise. As far as precision goes, it's about the same as saying that opening a fish and chip shop on the site of the old temple in Dagon Street is 'a bit misguided'. But it's better than nothing, isn't it? People can do a lot of things with 'better than nothing'. And you're not just ordinary people, you're a member of the watch.

Not just any watch - THE watch. Yes, alright, it's the only one. And yes, you have to admit that you have to be a bit nuts to work there. The hours are long, the pay is low and advancement is slow to non-existent. But you've taken the king's shilling and sworn an oath: to uphold the law and protect the innocent. Now if you could only work out who they actually are...


The Sprawl: Urbo-Genesis


You are the extended assets of vast multinational corporations, operating in the criminal underground, and performing the tasks that those multinationals can’t do — or can’t be seen to do. You are deniable, professional and — ultimately — disposable.

In this session you will create characters, get a job, and play to find out whether they can get paid. We will also set up the Corporate players and the setting for further games of The Sprawl run in Games on Demand over the rest of the weekend. There is no requirement to play in further games and no requirement that you play in this one to play in the others at GoD, it's just a neat way of building a shared set of stories and experiences over the course of the convention.

At this and GoD iterations, I will be playtesting a number of modified rules to facilitate on-the-fly mission and complication generation and smoother hacking rules.

Content Warning: depending on the table action movie violence is highly likely. A heavy-helping of neoliberal corporate bullshit is to be expected. We will use the Script Change safety tool, Open Door policy, and begin with a discussion of lines and veils.

The Sprawl
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