The Impossible Skyscraper

Tim Crow

The year is 2040: Cthulhu has risen and destroyed the sanity and civilisation of the world as we know it.

Or has it?

You are a time traveller who has slung themselves 20 years into the past with the aid of a portal of Yog-Sothoth and is now working with other time travellers and present day residents, not to change the future past, but to create a new future, one where The Sleeper of R'lyeh remains slumbering.

The current objective is a mysterious skyscraper in down town Auckland, New Zealand. A 4 tower mixed use residential/ commercial complex made of a new form of concrete with mind bendingly revolutionary properties. Lighter than styrofoam, stronger than concrete or carbon fibre. However, this material seems to distort space and time, and causes people to have horrifying dreams and abandon the structure.

Those from the future know that papers found in the ruins of Auckland describe the design of the structure as an antenna to The Great Dreamer, amplifying rituals across the world.

What you and your associates are going to do is destroy the building if possible, or make it unusable and uninhabitable if not, along with ensuring the designers aren't alive to try again.

The Impossible Skyscraper is a singular Event in the timeline of The Arrival of Great Cthulhu.

The system, Fate of Cthulhu will use pre-generated characters, and is based on the FATE core game. An easy 4 fate dice system, and high levels of narrative influence let this game be picked up quickly. If you have Fate Dice, bring them along.

Fate of Cthulhu is an action horror game where one of the Great Old Ones from H. P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos has broken through the thinning barriers of the universe and begun laying waste to the Earth, leaving humanity scrambling in a war against gibbering abominations. A war humanity is losing.

Your job is to go back in time and make sure it doesn’t happen. Time travel is limited to about thirty years or so, and the Great Old Ones already have plans in motion. It’s an uphill struggle, but no one ever said changing the future would be easy.

More Aliens and Terminator, less Shadow over Innsmouth, it’s a game where instead of becoming a howling fool when faced with the terrifying truth of nightmare creatures from beyond space and time, you pick up a twelve-gauge and do what needs doing. Your job is to save the future, not to sit in a corner screaming and clawing your eyeballs out.

With nothing more than the skin on your back and a map in your head of the key events that will lead to the Apocalypse, you will travel to the past, find allies, make hard choices, and change those events. Do it right and it might prevent the Apocalypse. Do it wrong and you doom humanity forever.

This game, as with mythos horror games may deal with mental health, systemic abuses of power, and the deaths of huge portions of the human species.

Fate of Cthulhu
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High Action Pulp Mythos
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The Terminator Cross Cthulhu
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