Exes, they're always trouble. Makes you wonder why you bother to get involved with anyone, ever. "Mendokusai." as Keiko the anesthetist would say "Too much trouble". This one for instance. There you were in the ER OR, and one of your exes gets wheeled in. Jared, the driver wheeling the gurney shrugs an apology. Your ex a real mess, just like always, and you sigh, and start reassembling him like you always used to.

Then you hear a gunshot from outside and an orderly falls thru the door into your OR, rudely followed by thugs with guns. It's about then that you lose control. Some people have no common sense. Haven't they heard this is YOUR OR, and you do not take kindly to breaches of hygiene protocol!

The fools wave their guns at you, demanding the body of your ex. Jared looks up at you and grins, knowing that look on your face. Keiko raises her eyebrows and, surreptitiously, turns up the oxygen. You start counting in time to the waltz on the OR's speakers. "1... 2... 3", and the first mook screams and clutches at the handle of the scalpel protruding from his eye-socket, the gun he was holding forgotten and falling to the floor....

This game uses the Trigger Happy rule set. Trigger Happy has been referred to as "Jason Statham : The RPG". It is an RPG where The Transporter and Die Hard meet the Shield and The Wire. Trigger Happy takes place in a world turned up to 11, where Protagonists live life one trailer-worthy moment to the next. You are a Protagonist; from cop to war vet to neighborhood kid done good enough, you find that the world tries to shove you around and you want to do nothing more than shove it right back.

Trigger Happy
Number of Players: 
4 - 6
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Action Movie
Genre Knowledge: 
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
Over the top
Age / Maturity: