Fallout: Outback

Chris Haddock

Plot outline: In the town of Gladstone, QLD, in the year 2314, the water is running out. Rain hasn’t fallen for years, and the deep water table bores are bringing up less and less, at worse quality. But there are rumours that Dr Mick Greeningham had been working on something that he claimed could reverse global warming before the bombs fell, and that the legacy of his work can be found in 1770, a town just down the road.

It’s an easy job, get in your car, go down the road, pick up the mysterious relic of the old world, and get your behind back to Gladstone. Fair dinkum, cobber.

But war. War never changes.

Fate is a game about narrative freedom and light mechanics. The power to drive the story is in the hands of not only the GM but the players as well. Created by Evil Hat, Fate Core allows for any genre and any scenario. In this case we're taking a look at what would happen in the Australia of a post-apocalyptic universe similar to (but not quite) that found in the Fallout computer game series.

Number of Players: 
Up to 6, for comfort
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
Mildly humorous, Road Trip
Age / Maturity: 
Keep it above 16