Slaves of the Moon

Luke Walker

”…the cult of death and night, personified by the moon, whose white, implacable, frozen lips were appeased only by the warm blood that flowed upon her altars. They caught the blood in goblets as it ran from the stone grooves... they raised it aloft... and the goblets were swiftly drained in mid-air by the remote goddess, as if the sacrifice had proven acceptable.”
— Clark Ashton Smith: An Offering to the Moon

In the wake of Atlantis' fall beneath the waves, there is an antediluvian age filled with mysteries yet uncovered. A band of adventurers seek refuge from the Red Tyrant in a city lost in the mists. They are welcomed by the ruling dynasts with a great feast in the shadow of the Temple of the Moon. Will the fruits of the city be theirs, and will they survive long enough to enjoy them?

This is a traditional sword and sorcery scenario written by Xoth Publishing converted for use with Khepera's "Atlantis: the Second Age" (a re-envisioning of the classic "Arcanum" RPG). The PCs are classic pulp heroes facing impossible odds and supernatural foes in manner worthy of tales and songs.

Atlantis: the Second Age
Number of Players: 
Sword & Sorcery
Classic Pulp Fantasy