A Measure of Faith

Luke Walker

The Inquisiton has found the crusader citadel of Martyr’s Point to have fallen to the profane. Rumours of the ancient god-monster, Okka the Eater, spread as quickly as the plague that shares it's name. But the truth eludes those seeking confessions, despite endless nights of torture, and an elite team of witchhunters is called to root out evil and decide where the wrongness lies.

Shadow of the Demon Lord is a dark fantasy RPG of horror and madness by Rob Schwalb, a designer on WFRP2e, D&D5e, A Song of Ice and Fire RPG and the Black Company RPG. Fans of Joe Abercrombie's First Law series will especially enjoy this scenario. The characters are a band of hardbitten troubleshooters, living in a world darkened by the Demon Lord, risking corruption, madness, and death. Dungeons will be explored, depravity faced, and nightmares overcome.

Shadow of the Demon Lord
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Dark Fantasy