Rise of the Bloodstone

Andrew Wood

Centuries ago a large dark red crystal was constructed using magical techniques akin to creating the blood of a god. Formed from the blood of sacrifice and power wrested from the deities. It is said a band of heroes emerged to stop the effects of this power from causing a cataclysmic event where the earth herself was being ripped asunder creating rifts that opened the way for chaos beings to emerge. In the battle that ensued the crystal amorphized appearing to lose its abilities and was overlooked and left to lie with the battle remnants until an archeological dig recently uncovered it. Academic interest was roused, and with that the awareness slowly built again, both in those who would use the stone and those who would seek to see it destroyed for good. A decision was made to move the stone offsite and far away to be studied. Knowledge of the stones movement was revealed when an unsuccessful attempt was made to take the stone near its journeys end.
The region the stone is now within is rough, unforgiving and lies in turmoil with the defeat of the empire and the emergence once again of dragons. You, as seasoned adventurers having sworn oaths to the Lord and Commander of the outpost IO, have been asked to retrieve the stone from those studying it and see that it is destroyed.

RuneQuest Glorantha
Number of Players: 
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Mythic Heroic Fantasy
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
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