Wake for the Lost

Conan McKegg

"We have just arrived in the Hargreaves 55 system. Mother has identified multiple... there's no other word for it. Superstructures. How did over fifty survey runs miss these. Some are as large as moons. The captain has ordered that the colonists be kept in stasis while we investigate. We request Colonial Marines support as soon as possible. We will initiate first contact protocols immediately."

It sounds impossible. A colonist ship on a routine trip to another world has found evidence of intelligent life other than humans. Sure there have been stories all across the Outer Rim colonies, but nobody believed them. Hundreds of surveyed worlds and we had all become convinced that humanity was alone in the universe.

Now you're on the USCSS Tempest, travelling on a direct route to an uncharted system. Nobody has heard from the colonists since they began to investigate the superstructures they'd found. Based on the data sent back, there is no disputing that the structures are artificial.

But nobody has heard anything more. Are they dead? Are these aliens hostile? Your team is heading to sleep for the final jump to Hargreaves 55. Who knows what awaits you when you arrive... better be prepared for anything, Marine.

"Wake for the Lost" is an action horror game that draws upon the results of the preceding "Children in the Graveyard" session. Your experience will be impacted by the decisions the previous players made. Your marines will be dealing with the fallout of that session, making for a unique adventure. Did anyone survive from the colonist ship? What did they find? Which object did they explore? Have they started an interstellar war?

Or will you be facing something so alien, you can't describe it?

Alien RPG
Number of Players: 
System Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Sci-fi Horror
Genre Knowledge: 
Not Needed
Role-playing Knowledge: 
Not Required
Age / Maturity: 
13+ Recommended