LARP: 2047

Sarah Daymond

Chicago, 2047.

Charles Hartmann, CEO of Hartmann-Prince Multinational, is having a "get-together" to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Al Capone’s death.

At least, that’s one story. Everyone knows there’s got to be a real reason behind the event: maybe he’s planning to announce something that’ll finally end the technological stalemate with rival company Featherlight, or maybe he’s made a contract with the Chicago Police Department for military-grade cyberware. Rumours are everywhere.

But he won’t be the only one at that gathering, and his guests have announcements of their own. Strange, though, that his favoured researcher isn't on the door list...


Incident at Talos

Marcus Bone

Talos IV, the most advanced space station in this region of the Bleed, faces destruction.

Karia Darsell, intergalactic terrorist and unstoppable assassin has posted a warning - Talos IV and everyone onboard will be destroyed unless her demands are met in the next 24 hours. The problem is no one knows exactly what those demands are...

So it is up to our Heroes, the Lazers (the region's freelance police), to not only stop this terrorist threat, but also find out who or where Karia is hiding, and what has made her so angry.

This adventure is a science fiction game using the Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE) system. Combining action and investigation it is set-up as a race against time, in which the character's actions will determine whether or not the space station is saved and just who might survive. It would best suit players wanting a challenging investigative (GUMSHOE at its heart is a investigation game) roleplaying experience where they will have to make hard choices and difficult decisions.

Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE)

Baron Hope

Jon Ball

Set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe, the players take on the roles of Inquisitorial acolytes. On the mining planet Sepheris Secondus, a terrorist group known as the Broken Chains has begun to cause more trouble than the local law enforcement can handle. The attacks of these mutant malcontents have begun to take a very sinister turn, with strange and disturbing technology being utilised. What is really going on on Sepheris Secondus, and can the Inquisition stop the heretical plans that seek to throw the entire sector into chaos?

Dark Heresy

LARP: The Wreck of the Philemon

Russ Kale

As a member of the Philemon's noble crew, you've survived all kinds of inane shenanigans at the hands of that cruel mistress, space. You've stared down bounty hunters, fought robot uprisings, and navigated through the inky blackness. Most importantly, you've got enough stories to write a bestselling autobiography.

Unfortunately, your luck has run out, and you've found yourself crash-landed on a Tien-forsaken asteroid somewhere in the far reaches of the universe. Your ship's oxygen filters are compromised, and there's only a matter of time before your saga draws to a close. Two hours, to be precise.

Let's face it, there's no point in being noble any more. There's only a few things worth doing at this stage, and they're all designed to give you a short burst of meaningful happiness.
After all, it's not like your passionate outbursts could make the situation any worse, right?


Project Sparrow

Jacqueline Brasfield

As an expert in your field it's not uncommon for you to be approached by organisations who want your assistance. So when a representative of "DeNeCo" got in touch you were quite happy to consider their proposal. The initial brief was vague (the accompanying confidentiality agreement was much more robust) but they paid well. Very well. After doing some research on DeNeCo you decided to accept the offer.

For the past 2 years you've visited the facilities once every 6 months with a group of other experts who have a wide variety of skills. The work is engaging and challenging and is similar in many respects to other projects you've been a part of - with two major exceptions: You don't know what you're actually helping develop, and you're always brought to the facility wearing a blindfold.

Note: This game may not be suitable for players with claustrophobia or who otherwise might not be comfortable being blindfolded for a long period of time. Players will likely be leaving the building for all or a portion of the round. Pre-registration essential as character bios will be mailed out in advance of the game. Any costuming required (minimal) will be provided at start of game.

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