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Rise of the Bloodstone

Andrew Wood

Centuries ago a large dark red crystal was constructed using magical techniques akin to creating the blood of a god. Formed from the blood of sacrifice and power wrested from the deities. It is said a band of heroes emerged to stop the effects of this power from causing a cataclysmic event where the earth herself was being ripped asunder creating rifts that opened the way for chaos beings to emerge. In the battle that ensued the crystal amorphized appearing to lose its abilities and was overlooked and left to lie with the battle remnants until an archeological dig recently uncovered it. Academic interest was roused, and with that the awareness slowly built again, both in those who would use the stone and those who would seek to see it destroyed for good. A decision was made to move the stone offsite and far away to be studied. Knowledge of the stones movement was revealed when an unsuccessful attempt was made to take the stone near its journeys end.
The region the stone is now within is rough, unforgiving and lies in turmoil with the defeat of the empire and the emergence once again of dragons. You, as seasoned adventurers having sworn oaths to the Lord and Commander of the outpost IO, have been asked to retrieve the stone from those studying it and see that it is destroyed.

RuneQuest Glorantha

LARP: Take the Initiative

Russ Kale and Morgan Atkins

"The fiends of grey have narrowed eyes
and, following their stares of slate
the valiant may claim their prize,
but cowardice will seal their fate."

- Leddir the Foolhardy

The Subterranean Monastery is the subject of many rumours and lore. Many believe that it doesn't exist at all, and is spoken of as a cautionary fable about greed. Others dismiss it as the ramblings of those who have been on the road alone too long, or as a metaphor about life or education or something.
You are not so sure. After all, you have followed the clues, pored over ancient scrolls in archives that, for no good reason, are full of traps, and come this far. Now you stand in the central chamber of the Subterranean Monastery.

Something strange has happened, though. You are not alone here. Many of those who surround you are strangers, but they all share the same glint in their eyes. The treasure of the Subterranean Monastery is close. Will you be the one to grasp it? Where is it, anyway?

Take the Initiative is a fantasy-comedy larp drawing on tabletop roleplaying tropes, with a healthy dose of riddles, weird combat abstractions, and a barbarian named Konrad.



Luke Walker

The gods have fallen and mortals have failed to make their own. A band of newly ascended demigods travel to the distant reaches of the Raktine mountains to discover the source of strange fumes that destroy city after city. The fumes shroud a mystery beyond their wildest expectations. They must learn how best to use the power that they possess to overcome what lies in wait for them.

This is a scenario for Sine Nomine's 'Godbound', an RPG of mortals granted the power of demigods. The scenario will involve fantastical locations and antagonists, weighty choices for the PCs, and high levels of action and drama. The rules are simple, using Basic/Expert D&D as its base, and suitable for both beginner and experienced RPGers.


The Madness of Their Judgment

Ivan Towlson

On your travels back from the Trojan War to your homes in Greece, you have seen many troubled lands, but the city of Nisyros must have given the gravest offence of all to the gods. The women of the city have been driven to madness and have fled into the mountains and forests. The king of Nisyros has appealed to you to save them, but thwarting the fury of a god is easier said than done!

Of course, the quarrels of gods and kings are ten to an obol. Your interest is glory – the glory of greatness in battle, in word, and in spirit – glory that will echo down the ages in poem and song. That is why you sweat and bleed. But only one of you can go down in legend as the saviour of Nisyros. Who among you will be immortalised with their own star in the heavens? And whose grave will be forgotten along with their deeds? Enter the agon, and prove the glory of your name.


The Salt Bond

Alasdair Sinclair

From the Great Sea to the Genie's Anvil to the Crowded Sea, all Zhakhara observes the Law of the Loregiver, including the Salt Bond of guest friendship. For three days as a guest you are privileged and protected, welcome in the home and bound by courtesy to your host. For three days, you are guests of the court in Ajayib, City of Wonders.

On the fourth day, on the Sultan's wedding day, you will be put to death for attempting to assassinate her... Unless you can unravel the intrigues of Holy Slayers, Viziers, and the mighty Djinni first, saving the princess, the court, and the day as well as your own lives.

This is a classic adventure story of true love, honour, Djinni, heroes and sorcery set in the burning world of Al Qadim.

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