Kapcon 19

New SDC Entries On-Line!

The SDC Archive has been updated with two of this year's entries, including Stephanie Pegg's winning entry, But Nobody Loses An Eye and Donna & Malcom's amusing Down & Out In Middenburg

We've also added the missing 2008 winning entry For the Honour of the Family. Sorry it's taken us so long to get that one up there!

In the Blood


In the small village of Goreon at the base of the Frostback Mountains dark happenings are afoot. The villagers are terrified to leave their houses after dark and those that do disappear never to be seen again. However the people who have gone missing aren't just strangers, they're your friends and family. So what are you going to do about it?

Dragon Age RPG

Lambs of a Nameless God

Luke Walker

The world ended ten years ago today. Some say it came from the sky. Others that it came from below, twisting through the streets of our city like a darkness. Others simply awoke to find their world have left them. The older ones couldn't survive in this new world without past. So we, the younger ones, thrived.

We live life now bright and free in the wasteland, in defiance of everything that tries to take it from us – apathy, hunger, violence, loneliness. We cling to each other tightly as together we can be ourselves; our whole world, not caring that everyone out there ignores us.

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