KapCon 2013

Dropping Like Flies

Freya Sacksen

Another trimester at VUW and everything's just damn *peachy*. The philosophy students are splitting hairs to try and get laid, biology professors are killing rats, your crush just walked through a concrete block the other day, scarves are the latest fashion (especially for pretty male first years), you've got three assignments due in the second week, your roommate has the weirdest collection of books you have ever seen in your entire life, you think your theatre lecturer is some kind of fae or something and there's been a string of weird suicides lately.

...wait, *what*?

All is not well at VUW's Halls of Residences, and for once, the fact that a devil is after your soul may be the least of your worries...


Last Stand at Salang

Dillon Burke

The armies of the north have broken before the Witch King's onslaught. Survivors and refugees flee south over the mountains. A few brave Paladins attempt to lead a defence of the pass through the mountains, arriving at the ruined fortress of Salang a few hours before the Witch King's scouts. Will the passion of the Paladins allow the refugees to escape, or will their sacrifice be in vain?

Runequest Sixth Edition

The final countdown

Things are coming together. We now have at least 11 excellent games - plus GoD - in each round. The larp has a blurb. The forms have been setup. So, we're ready to go. To give everyone a fair shot, registration will open at 8pm on Monday 15 October. Hopefully the server won't fall over beneath a mob of desperate gamers.

LARP: Teacakes, Death Rays and Strychnine

Nik Crombie

The Women's Institute of Hallows Hill is, in many ways, typical of its kind; it runs bake sales for good causes, organises volunteer groups, helps the local school with its Christmas pageant and is an essential part of the local community. This particular local community, however, is made up (almost entirely) of second tier supervillans and their families; the sort that, while they do well, can't quite scrape together enough for that volcano base. But Hallows Hill is a lovely area, with a good school for the kids and excellent local greengrocers. It's a little village that understands completely when you accidentally open a portal to hell in your back garden, or the deathbots go on a rampage down the local high street. The WI has encouraged and enabled a strong sense of community spirit among the villainous denizens.

But the Women's Institute is currently being torn apart by controversy. For the first time in its history, men are pressing to join. The community is divided. Angry letters have been written to the local newspaper. Sharp words have been exchanged in the fishmonger's. Letterboxes have been knocked over. Skeleton armies are being readied. Death Rays are being powered up.

To prevent Hallows Hill from becoming a smoking crater in the ground, the MP for Hallows Hill has arranged a meeting to work out a solution...with as few casualties as possible.

It's Midsommer Murders meets Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog meets Desperate Housewives.

Costuming: Light to medium, depending on the character.


LARP: The Mirror Room

Brooklynne Kennedy

In a moment of disorientation they are transported to a room with no doors, no windows and mirrors everywhere. The room is stocked with food, water and other necessities—all indications suggest that they will be there for a long time.

They are complete strangers, ordinary people with little common ground and less understanding of what has happened to them. With the passage of time, tension and dire imperatives, they will have to sift values and make answers to both each other and the shadows behind the glass.

This game deals with difficult choices and rough circumstances.

By Shifting Forest Storyworks


LARP: How Quick and Fresh

musicforwolves and William Shakespeare

Mr O'Strate, the teacher behind last year's eerily realistic production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', now has a group of students who've somehow managed to avoid hearing the horror stories about the last play he helmed. Now, with a dog-eared copy of 'Twelfth Night' under his arm, he's brought you all here for another rehearsal. Things are feeling weird, though. You've got the urge to find true love, cast old fears aside, and really get invested in your characters. Will Sir Toby sober up before dress rehearsal? Will Feste learn to play the ukulele? And will anybody be able to tell the twin brothers apart?
It's all happening tonight. And remember: some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them. Emphasis on the word 'thrust'.

Russ Kale wrote and ran 'Quick Bright Things' at Victoria University and Chimera in 2012. William Shakespeare wrote 'Macbeth' and accidentally spawned a number of teen comedies. Player advisory: this game will involve coarse language, sexual content and poor life choices.


Kapcon Summer-Slam II


Bob: “It looks like the enigmatic Kapcon henchman known as IdiotSavant has laid down the challenge to bring the best, the biggest, and the most intense offering on the planet. Now the countdown to Kapcon Summer-Slam II begins…”

J.T.: “How can Kapcon’s insurers possibly allow a second Summer-Slam after the complete debacle at the inaugural Summer-Slam last year, and the non-Morningstar fiasco in the lead up to Day of Games?”

Bob: “It’s what the people want J.T. After a twelve month absence we’re all craving a wrestling event so intense that you’ll feel the splash of sweat and man-tan right there in your living room.”

J.T.: “But what about rumours that Day of Games General manager Slammin’ Sophie Melchior will stop at nothing to sabotage an event by a rival franchise.”

Bob: “There are so many rumours floating around about this event that it’s hard to know what to believe, but I doubt Melchior will stir from her gold-plated Jacuzzi. There’s no way wrestlers from a rival franchise would dare to disrupt proceedings…”

J.T.: “What about a resurgence of fan-favourite El Diablo and the pan-Hispanic/Pirate alliance?”

Bob: “It’s an open invitation so anything’s possible - but one thing’s for sure, this will be the event of the century. Wrestlers will gather from all parts for a shot at the title. There’s a tidal wave of awesome about to engulf the capital…”

Piledrivers and Powerbombs – Chokeslam of Darkness Edition is a wrestling game where you generate wrestlers, their gimmicks, signature moves and their arch-nemesis and then enter the competition to become the Kapcon Summer Slam II World Champion.

This will be a high-energy, high-volume game at the end of Kapcon and asks players to think on their feet, create characters, narrate outcomes and help frame scenes at short notice. It's a great chance to blow out the cobwebs and end the 'con on a high.

Bring IT to the Ring.

Piledrivers & Powerbombs

Beautiful Corpses

Brooklynne Kennedy

Women are being found mysteriously killed all over the city and no one know how they have been killed. They are found dead in their beds or at their desks. Something is fishy about these deaths something... supernatural! Lucky for you and your group of friends you are well versed in fishy and supernatural. Now all you have to do is catch whatever is doing this before they catch you and try not to be arrested in the process.

This is a game I've written using the Monster of the Week system, It's an easy system to understand so people who have no experience are welcome to play.

Monster Of The Week

Call for games

The KapCon dragon has awoken, and is searching for games for KapCon next year. If you're a regular GM, you should have already received an email. If not, we're after three-hour tabletops, ideally with pre-generated characters (we're also after ~10 - 20 player larps, but that seems well in-hand). Your game must run to time, otherwise you're cutting into people's eating, socialising, and personal comfort time.

As for what to run, the answer is "anything". Seriously, we don't care. If you want to run Macho Women With Guns, or a tense Call of Cthulhu scenario, or a classic D&D dungeon bash, or even (shudder) Spawn of Fashan (look it up), go ahead. The market will decide. All we ask is that you tell people up-front what they're in for (so, adult content, trigger warnings etc) so they can make an informed choice on whether to play. If you're looking for inspiration, there's a thread on NZRaG called "What games do you want to see at KapCon 22?" which lists some stuff that people want to see.

No, you don't need to write the scenario yourself (but many do). Its quite OK to run something prewritten (hell, I do that every year).

Once you've decided to run a game, fill out the form here (that's right, the one in the sidebar marked "Run a Game!")

"What's in it for me", you ask? Fame, fortune, the esteem of your peers and players. Yes, yes, OK, we also have discounted entry for anyone running a game. And more importantly, GM picks, so you can gain guaranteed entry into another game (KapCon only pre-registers the first two rounds, so this lets you sign up for that hot game in round 5 before anyone else).

With six (now 6.5) sessions of gaming to fill, and about 6 people per group, on average everyone needs to run a session. So please step up and do your bit to make KapCon a success.

LARP: Bad Dreams: Purgatory

Ivan Essin

Written by Ivan (Vanya) Essin, Gareth Sandford, Robert Birtles-Crute, Porl Bowdler

Three years ago, a wealthy, upper class recluse was found dead. Albert Tenneford Trismegistus died of natural causes, a heart attack, could happen to anyone, especially at such an old age. But you don't believe that for a second now do you? Guilt, you either have it or you don't, and I'm not talking about the type of guilt that you feel, I'm talking about the guilt that binds one person to another. The type that no therapy can ever free you from.

So as you take your final breath in this world, answer me these questions. Are you afraid? Is your soul clean? Surely it might scare you just a little that it might matter?

Escaping responsibility is easy in our world. Now open your eyes, see how easy it is in the next.

Bad Dreams is a supernatural horror larp, with emphasis on heavy roleplaying above all else. Please be advised the game contains highly mature and offensive content.

Cast List

The Second Wife Female
The Butler Male
The Hitman Male
The Daughter Female
The Male Lover Male
The Female Lover Female
TheCop Female
The Doctor female

Costuming Requirements
Casual modern - role appropriate costumng appreciated but not necessary (i.e. a doctor's coat). Variable makeup for way of death appreciated, up to the player..

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