In Fair Averon

Conan McKegg

Two houses divided by centuries of hate.
A Brotherhood with an ancient scheme about to reach fruition.
A Prince with a dream of a new path to peace.
Two star-crossed lovers bound by a mysterious secret.
An epic tale of love, politics and conspiracy in under three hours.
This is not your traditional inspired by Shakespeare roleplaying experience.

Players will first choose a faction that they will play - A noble house, a secretive religious order, the ruling family - and then select a character from within that faction. Each character has a different agenda and seeks to direct the faction towards their own goals.

As the characters scheme and plot, they will also affect the fates of the factions they are connected with and ultimately the fate of a nation. No session will play quite the same as children vie with their parents for control of their families' fortunes and members of an ancient holy order compete to decide it's future.

Everyone has an agenda.
Everyone has a plan.
But not everyone can succeed, and someone will fall.


When the Dark is Gone


Imagine the children in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. They visited a magical land, fought battles alongside talking animals and centaurs and won a war against a powerful and evil enemy. Then they returned home, no-one would believe them and they were back to war time rations and maths homework.
What does that feel like?
How do you live with the memories of what you saw?
Did Edmund drown his sorrows in alcohol and drugs, did Lucy vent her repressed rage by being violent towards her loving husband?
Did they end up in therapy?

The players in this game are all Clients in a real-world, modern day setting undergoing group therapy. They all have serious psychological disorders which are damaging them and those closest to them. Everyone has come to the therapy session as a final attempt to get their lives back on track.

The Clients have all repressed memories of a magical world that they visited often in their school summer holidays. Many things happened in that far away land and those repressed memories hold the key as to why the Clients have all self-destructed so spectacularly in the years since. Players will build up and create the memories of what happened in that world; uncover the events that scarred them and work to resolve them to allow each client to heal.


Crystal Wall

Igor Divjak

The land of Alltopia has been ravaged after the disastrous battle of the Crystal Wall which guarded the south for eons. The Wall now lies shattered and no longer holds back the legions of gruesome monsters roaming the countryside. The undead armies of the Demon King Zolphus advance with each nightfall, laying waste to all they see. All civilisation will soon crumble, unless a band of yesterdays heroes can somehow find their way to the lofty peaks of Nightmare Mountain and confront Zolphus in his lair.

EPOCH is a game of character-driven survival horror. The goal is to deliver a tense and scary experience in a single game session. EPOCH players are active participants in the creation of the game atmosphere and have complete control over the creation and ultimate fate of their characters.


We Be Goblins

Sophie M

We be Licktoads! We make raid! Put the longshanks to the blade! Burn them up from feet to head, make 'em hurt, then make 'em dead!

We be Goblins!

Pathfinder or Dungeon World... not sure

Goddess of the Dark Tower

Luke Walker

The haunted tales of the demons that inhabit Castle Shirasagi have kept people away for generations. As the cruel hand of the Shogun casts the shadow of unrest over the land, the Castle is visited once more by mortals.

This scenario is set in medieval Japan filled with fantastical elements from folklore. It tells a dark tale of horror, tragedy, heroism and romance which explores what happens when the inhabitants from two worlds that should never co-exist come together.

The characters use their swords, magic, love, loyalty, duty and intrigue as they struggle to survive the threats that besiege them from without, as well as that from the other characters, the people they care about and themselves.

The scenario is based on the Kabuki play called "Tenshu Monogatari". It uses the Tenra Bansho Zero system, which is a highly regarded Japanese RPG, recently translated into English.

Tenra Bansho Zero

Shadows of Esteren - Loch Varn


You're confused. You remember being sent to help the nearby community of Loch Varn. But who are these others with you? Come to think of it, who are you?

A crossbow bolt splinters against the rock by your head, and you taste blood from the chips of stone or steel hitting your face. You try to crouch down, to hide from the incoming fire, and realize you're already pressed against the earth, back against part of a wall, amongst a field of ruins, made of twisted metallic beams and rubble. A few torches lying on the floor provide some light, but not enough to see the enemy.

Your eyes meet those of others, also crouched fearfully in the rubble. They're not shooting at you, so perhaps you're with them? How long has this battle been going on? It's plain the others are as confused as you. Is that a body? Is it a person or... something else?

The only thing that's certain is you can't stay here for much longer, whoever fired that last bolt had line of sight on you. Perhaps that doorway, it looks like the one you all must have entered by...

Shadows of Esteren

Pathfinder: Shadow of Heresy


In the homebrew setting of Volentia, play as one of five 14th level characters contracted by the Church to find the location of a rumored gathering of heretics dubbed the Shadow Conclave. This gathering, should it succeed as planned, would unite the various heretical sects and pose a threat large enough to shake the foundations of the Empire. The adventure mixes roleplay with combat as players attempt to hunt down and exterminate the Conclave as either an emotionally scarred Paladin who has come to question whether his slaughtering of heretics is ethical, a zealous Inquisitor who enjoys his work perhaps a little too much, a noble-born Curatrix who struggles to keep the vows of her order of restrained monk-women, an elven Ranger who constantly battles against the prejudice humans have of other races while trying to hide his hate of them, and an acclaimed Wizard who despite her achievements still has not garnered the respect she desires because she is a woman. Will the Church's champions succeed in rescuing the Empire from perhaps the most dangerous threat it has ever faced? Or will their personal struggles inhibit their ability to complete the task set before them? Will they rise triumphant over the challenges they are to face? Or will they be cut down and forgotten to leave the Empire roiling in turmoil?


Tears of Vykyris

Luke Walker

With Angels watching over us, no one is safe.

Through the rain, he didn't taste the salt of your tears still lingering on her lips:

Like a Burst of Symphonic Colour, we danced to the Chaos of our Lives like our Fathers did before us:

Winner of the 2012 SDC Competition. All art by Wen-M ( used with permission.

Anima Beyond Fantasy

The Lost Church

Conan McKegg

Recently up in the mountain ranges that look out over the plains towards The Holy City, a group of archaeologists have uncovered an ancient chapel that the Holy Church believes to be an early church to Abel.

For over a month reports have come in describing mosaics and documents that date back to a time of great conflict and war, and may help provide insight into an era lost to history. But a week ago the stream of communication stopped. The Empress is concerned that something has befallen the exploratory group and has offered to pay for a small scouting expedition to investigate if there has been trouble from bandits or thieves in the area.

But what the group is about to find is no simple case of banditry, but possibly a discovery that will rock their understanding of the world of Gaia. A discovery that some people are willing to do anything to prevent becoming public knowledge.

The Lost Church is set in the Anima: Beyond Fantasy setting of Gaia. A world going through a Renaissance, where magic is something said to be of myth and legend, where science is on the rise. But there are those in the world who know this to be a lie. Magic is everywhere and it is getting stronger, not weaker. Ancient races, long believed to be nothing by stories, are being reborn - their souls reincarnating into mortal bodies. The game is a mix of Western Fantasy with the style and sensibilities of Japanese cRPGs like Lost Odyssey and Final Fantasy.

Anima: Beyond Fantasy

The Wishing Well

Andy Millar

In a secluded spot that is easily overlooked near to the highway between Salamonis and Chalice, lies an ancient well in which nobles and princes from long ago once came to cast their gold and make their wishes. With the passing of time, its location was lost and the wishing well fell into legend.

Many years later, a young boy exploring the woods near his home stumbled across the crumbling structure and saw something gold glinting in the bottom of the dried up well floor. News of the well's discovery quickly spread and adventures from across Allansia descended down into its blackness seeking their fortune. None have ever been heard from since.

Now another group stands at the entrance of the well ready to discover the fate of these adventurers and the secrets of the wishing well.

The Advanced Fighting Fantasy roleplaying game is back with a second edition. So grab two D6, a sharpened pencil and a potion of stamina (fresh coffee) to join the fun on Sunday morning. The perfect hangover cure.

Advanced Fighting Fantasy Second Edition
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