KapCon 23

Boats Against the Current

Anna Klein

New York, in the throes of the roaring twenties. An age of defiance, rebellion, blazing forth into a bright future in a whirl of liquor and dancing.

Recently, an eccentric but much talked about millionaire socialite has died under very questionable circumstances. Speculation abounds in the streets, and splashed across the papers - who was this man, really? Where did he come from? Who killed him? And why?

This afternoon is his funeral, and you are not at it. In the shimmering heat of summer you and other glittering people, none of whom were the sort to have anything to do with the likes of him, while away the afternoon slowly with alcohol, music and something akin to gnawing guilt.

A mature theatreform larp for nine people, inspired by "The Great Gatsby"


Goddess of the Dark Tower

Luke Walker

The haunted tales of the demons that inhabit Castle Shirasagi have kept people away for generations. As the cruel hand of the Shogun casts the shadow of unrest over the land, the Castle is visited once more by mortals.

This scenario is set in medieval Japan filled with fantastical elements from folklore. It tells a dark tale of horror, tragedy, heroism and romance which explores what happens when the inhabitants from two worlds that should never co-exist come together.

The characters use their swords, magic, love, loyalty, duty and intrigue as they struggle to survive the threats that besiege them from without, as well as that from the other characters, the people they care about and themselves.

The scenario is based on the Kabuki play called "Tenshu Monogatari". It uses the Tenra Bansho Zero system, which is a highly regarded Japanese RPG, recently translated into English.

Tenra Bansho Zero

Operation Thundering Faith

Marcus Bone

Mr Verity requires your attendance...

And so it begins again, another mission for the Ordo Veritatis (a secret organisation dedicated to the protection of humanity and the destruction of Outer Dark Entities). In this operation the characters find themselves called into investigate the apparent suicide of a high school student, who has seemingly, almost overnight, developed a vestigial twin.

Facing a hostile town, reluctant witnesses and a hidden evil, the operatives are in a race against time to prevent the permanent destruction of the membrane that protects reality from the horrors of beyond.

The Esoterrorist (2nd Edition) is a modern day conspiracy horror game using the GUMSHOE system. This adventure is one of investigation, discovery and drama, and would best suit players looking for a hard hitting, plot driven, game session (i.e. more SVU/Criminal Intent than Action/Adventure). Please note that this plot includes some adult themes, although the depth to which these are explored will be left up to the players to decide during play.

The Esoterrorists 2nd Edition



This is a Traveller World hack of the original Traveler Double Adventure 1: Shadows. Science fiction adventure in the far future, powered by the apocalypse.

Traveller World

Adventure Squad

Luke Walker

You are invited to go on an Adventure!

What is Adventure Squad?

Adventure Squad is an all-ages table-top roleplaying event held by Kapcon.

Games will be run at Adventure Squad for players from the ages of 5 years and up and their parents and guardians.

How do I join Adventure Squad?

To join Adventure Squad, both you and your parent or guardian will need to register with Kapcon and request Adventure Squad when you get to game selection. Feel free to add any other matters which your parent or guardian thinks the organisers of Adventure Squad should know about in the Comments field when registering.

Please note that due to organisational requirements and limited spaces, all Adventure Squad members (parents, guardians and children) should be registered by Sunday before the event at the latest.

Please note that at least one parent or guardian will be required to be present or playing in any game that you play in, unless agreed with the organisers beforehand.

When and Where is Adventure Squad?

Adventure Squad is held at the same venue as Kapcon on Sunday, during rounds 5 and 6 (10am to 5pm). Each round is three hours long and consists of two games between 60 to 90 minutes in length. You are welcome to go adventuring in either round 5, round 6 or both.

Between games, we hope to have other activities and entertainment for you, such as board games, colouring in and storytelling games. We encourage parents and caregivers to bring along activities to run during these breaks as well.

During the break between round (1pm to 2pm), you will need to find your own adventure (and lunch).

What Adventures will I go on?

Adventure Squad hopes to provide you with a variety of adventures that cater for a range of ages:

• You might be a mighty adventurer out to defeat monsters and find treasure.
• You may be a mermaid helping out others under the waves.
• You may be a Jedi joining the Rebel Alliance to fight the Evil Empire.
• You may be a magical animal helping other children with their problems.
• You might be a sword wielding mouse fighting for what you believe in.

Once a child reaches college, they will be ready for the regular streams at Kapcon and even further adventures await. Adventure Squad is available to assist in making this transition happen as smoothly as possible. We suggest that you note the rating of the games that the player is interest in to ensure suitability and email Kapcon with any questions you have.

How do I contact the Adventure Squad?

To contact the organisers of Adventure Squad in advance, please send an email to the following address, with “Adventure Squad” in the Subject field: kapcon@gmail.com

How can I help Adventure Squad?

Adventure Squad relies on games run by its squaddies and their parents and always appreciates offers of assistance. It is great for returning attendees to offer games (including parents assisting their children to offer games). Games run by children tend to be the most successful with their peers and encourage the other children to run. If you are a parent or caregiver who has attended Adventure Squad, we encourage you to consider running games for us too.

Who else thinks Adventure Squad is a great idea?

We have received generous encouragement and support from gaming companies such as:

• Ad Infinitum Adventures – Icons Assembled (http://stevekenson.com/)
• Simian Circle Games – Far Away Land (http://faruniverse.com/)
• Souljar Games – Cairn (http://www.souljargames.com/)
• Third Eye Games – Mermaid Adventures & Camp Myth (http://thirdeyegames.net/)
• Starline Publishing – Golden Sky Stories (http://starlinepublishing.com/)
• Hero Forge Games – Hero Kids (http://heroforgegames.blogspot.co.nz/)
• Plaid Hat Games – Mice and Mystics (http://plaidhatgames.com/)

Adventure Awaits!



With the con fast approaching, time for a word about deadlines. In the last week we're busy printing everything out so the con will run efficiently on the day. This means we need to lock stuff down and cannot make any changes until Saturday morning.

The deadline for registration is Wednesday 15 January. The form will be closed on that date.

The deadline for online payment is Wednesday 15 January. If you pay after this date, we will not notice and you will have to pay at the door.

The deadline for schedule changes, GM picks and switching games is Wednesday 15 January. After this, its set in ink and changes will have to be managed on Saturday morning.

There is no deadline for submitting games, but see above; if you offer something in the last week, it may not make the printed timetable or the blurb print-run, and will have to be added by hand - which means a high risk that people won't find out about your cool game and will not sign up for it.

If you email me requesting something done in the last week, it may not happen. The best I can do is add it to a list for the admin staff to handle on Saturday morning.

So, if you want to register, sign up for a larp, or offer a game, do it now.

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