Ashen Stars

Incident at Talos

Marcus Bone

Talos IV, the most advanced space station in this region of the Bleed, faces destruction.

Karia Darsell, intergalactic terrorist and unstoppable assassin has posted a warning - Talos IV and everyone onboard will be destroyed unless her demands are met in the next 24 hours. The problem is no one knows exactly what those demands are...

So it is up to our Heroes, the Lazers (the region's freelance police), to not only stop this terrorist threat, but also find out who or where Karia is hiding, and what has made her so angry.

This adventure is a science fiction game using the Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE) system. Combining action and investigation it is set-up as a race against time, in which the character's actions will determine whether or not the space station is saved and just who might survive. It would best suit players wanting a challenging investigative (GUMSHOE at its heart is a investigation game) roleplaying experience where they will have to make hard choices and difficult decisions.

Ashen Stars (GUMSHOE)
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