Destiny Investigations - Episode 5: What will be, will be

Conan McKegg

Destiny Parker and her siblings - Chance and Providence - are not your average private investigators. Capable of influencing the various aspects of fate, they investigate crimes that have happened, are happening and will happen all in order to make money and keep the univese safe from those who seek to bring ruin to everything.

There is just one little problem... Destiny is obsessed with finding her one true love, Chance can't stop sleeping around and Providence may or may not have accidently brought about the end of the world while trying to arrange a date!

Smallville is a Roleplaying game about super powers and relationships. It is an ideal television show style game that captures the pacing and feel of a TV series focused on the relationships between the characters.


The silver kiss of the magical twilight of the full moon.


Supernatural teen romance. So there's these two teens, and the minute they see each other they fall desperately in love. But there's something strange and dark at play, one of them is a mystical being! And the other is just a human! How can they ever possibly make their love, which is true and pure and incredibly important, work?

I made it up
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