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World of Avatar: Paranormal Investigators of Republic City

Robert Shaw

A one-off tabletop game using the World of Avatar Roleplaying System.

Set at the end of season three of Avatar: The Legend of Korra, this game is about a small esoteric group of individuals who find their unusual skills in high demand. As a new team of professional amateurs, the Paranormal Investigators are faced with great change in their home, Republic City.
Expect Spiritual Shenanigans, Satomobile Stunts, Civil Construction Chaos and a healthy mix of bending meets technology.

The World of Avatar is a roleplaying system created by America Club members Joshua Eyre and Joseph Dillon, and expanded upon by a dedicated group of play testers. It is a simple d10 system focused on storytelling. While it uses dice rolls to determine how conflicts and actions resolve, the main focus is on the narrative and collaborative character-driven story.

World of Avatar
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