Omnipotence and Good Intentions before Lunch

Tim Crow

Hello Angels, I am Metatron. There are a few problems on earth. I'd like you, with unlimited power, to go down there and sort them out. Can't be that hard, I'd expect you back before lunch.

Be Not Afraid is a one page RPG about solving problems with omnipotence and good intentions.

It's an RPG with no chance you will fail to do what you've aimed for. Each player's character is an angel with pretty much unlimited reality warping powers. Surely this would be easy? Well, sadly, human nature will get in your way due to that free will thing but thankfully, we expect you to work around that.

It's probably going to get quite silly, but that's almost by design.

Be Not Afraid

Soul Searching

Thomas Borrmann

Something is wrong in hell. There is a distinct lack of new souls arriving and the big boss is not happy. You and a random band of other devils are send to earth to investigate and reinstate the flow of souls.

The system is based on a house ruled version of In Nomine developed by someone called Björn. The rules are simple and aimed at allowing feats and stunts worthy of the masters of hell while providing for surprises and creating an utter mess.

House Ruled In Nomine Satanis
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