Surreal Urban Fantasy

Murder Under An Indigo Sun

Conan McKegg

The Great War has ended. The Vislae have returned to the Actuality and the Glistening City is rebuilding.

But the scars of war remain. Even though nobody remembers precisely what happened or who was on what side, or even what sides there were.

Magical Cysts are all across the city, places where the magic of the war has left behind areas too toxic to enter.

It’s a time of rebuilding and healing.

And today in your office a new client has come with an unusual problem. A Vislae has been murdered and they want you to help them find who murdered them and recover their body...

Invisible Sun is a surreal urban fantasy where our world is a lie. A false shadow of the real world, the Actuality, which exists under the Indigo Sun. One of the eight known suns of reality.

You are a Vislae, people of immense power. Dealers in magic and secrets. Those who follow the ninth, Invisible Sun.

You live in the Glistening City of Satyrine, a place where the impossible is an everyday occurance. Where for many death is not the end but an inconvenience.

It’s a game of mysteries and secrets. Some in game and some using the game components.

Invisible Sun
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