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Blades in the Dark


You are the Grinning Ravens gang, a group of up-and-coming gangsters in Doskvol, a haunted Victorian city. Trapped between the leviathan-demons of the inky-black Void Sea and the anti-ghost lightning fence, the Grinning Ravens must seize their fortune from whomever stands in their way.

Will you go up against the Spirit Wardens, the bronze-masked anti-ghost squad? Or will you support them in their war against the Dimmer Sisters and the street-witches? Will you seek enough coin to live out your retirement comfortably, or push for fame and glory? Will you succumb your vice, your traumas, or plain old gunfire, or will you live to run another score?

A fast-paced, fiction-first game of heists, ghosts, flash-backs and making it all up as we go along.

System experience useful but not required. Younger and teen players are welcome, but the game as-written requires you to feel comfortable saying "NOPE!" to the GM.

Blades in the Dark
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