blast from the past

High School Princess

Jamie Sands

The game formally known as I Know, Right?

To celebrate this anniversary in Kapcon's life I am bringing back a very old game, the newly redesigned and far more awesome version of I Know, Right? aka. The mean girls game.

In this game, you all play members of a clique of girls in high school. There's a queen bee, her best friend, her minions and of course, the one who's on the lowest rung of the social ladder. Navigate complex social expectations, double talk and what friendship really means in this game.

Think Heathers, Mean Girls and Easy A where the violence isn't in the actual exchange of blows, it's in words, especially the ones spoken behind someone's back.

Theoretically, actual teenagers could play this, but I'd prefer to run for people who have left their teen years behind, due to the nature of the things which happen in this game.

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