Police Procedural

Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays


August 1995. Bill Clinton is President. The X-Files is on TV. Computers are beige. Internet spam has just been invented.

Last month, people began disappearing near the southern edge of the San Carlos Indian Reservation, west of Phoenix, Arizona. An elderly couple. A gas station attendant. A pair of campers. Two European couples. An elderly sheep rancher. All disappeared from on or within a few miles of State Road 70. The press are already calling it "The Devil’s Highway", and talking of a serial killer. The Federal Bureau of Investigation have assembled a special task force to assist state and tribal police to investigate the disappearances. Your mission: find out what is going on, and bring the perpetrators to justice...

This is a classic DELTA GREEN adventure, from the original 1997 edition of the game, rewritten for the modern ruleset.

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